WoW – Companion Updated to Version 1.3.0

WoW – Companion has been updated to Version 1.3.0 and should be available in the marketplace now.

This update fixes an issue which was caused the app to crash for users who updated to Version 1.2.0 which became available last week due to required files not being generated at launch. Veraion 1.2.0 which was available last week introduced the ability to search, view and favourite Guilds (users can see the Guild’s Guild Master, Roster and Achievements) as well as showing Character Achievements.

A summary of the changes are below and you can find the complete Change Log here.

Version 1.3.0

  • Fixed an error where required files for Achievements were not created if the app was updated therefore crashing the app when viewing a character or a guild.

Version 1.2.0

  • Added Guild Search Functionality
  • Character and Guild Achievements
  • Other minor bug and layout fixes

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