WoW – Companion

We Have Been Busy… Updates and more…

It is hard to believe that the last post on our blog was on the 30th of September when we announced our latest app on Windows 8, mtiks Dashboard. Since then we have been quietly working hard in the background on improving our existing apps, moving to a new host for our web site, some […]

SUPPORT: Not Receiving Notifications From Background Tasks On Windows Phone

We have had a few users contact us in regards to not receiving Notifications on their devices or even tiles not updating in the background. Although it is unclear what is causing this issue, it would appear that it is more widespread than just our apps. The marvellous folks at wpcentral have reported that a […]

WoW – Companion Updated to Version 1.3.0

WoW – Companion has been updated to Version 1.3.0 and should be available in the marketplace now. This update fixes an issue which was caused the app to crash for users who updated to Version 1.2.0 which became available last week due to required files not being generated at launch. Veraion 1.2.0 which was available last […]

NEW APP: WoW – Companion for Windows Phone

WoW – Companion is designed to be a lightweight easy to use app for retrieving character and realm information using the official API available from Blizzard. WoW™ – Companion is now available for Windows Phone users running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) from the Windows Phone Marketplace. For more information click here or to download it click the […]