New App Released: World Clock Pro for Windows Phone

World Clock Pro - Web Logo

With the increasing use of social networking, email, blogs, podcasts on the internet it has become quiet common for us all to want or need to know what time it is in another part of the world (on in a different state). There are a lot of apps out there for keeping track of what the time is elsewhere in the world, but you almost always end up having to type in the name of a city to get the time zone information you are after. But what if the name of the city doesn’t appear in the app? Most people will either try to remember the name of other cities, usually bigger cities, that are nearby or look up the city on a map and work out what the nearest major city is.

Enter World Clock Pro, an app that allows you to instead use a map of the world to find time zone information for any point on land. Just move the map over the point you want the information for, tap a button and presto, you have the time and date of your selected location. No having to type in the name of a city that may not be covered. Best of all World Clock Pro allows you to save each time zone to a list to keep track of multiple locations, and if that is not quick enough for you, World Clock Pro also gives you the option to pin the time zone to your start screen and it will even update the time and date on the tile in the background (roughly every 30 minutes providing particular conditions are met on your device).

World Clock Pro is a paid app which costs $0.99(AUD) and has a free trial that does not expire but instead shows ads. You can pick it up from the Windows Phone store here and you can see more information on the World Clock Pro page here.

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