New App Released: EziWiFi for Windows Phone

EziWiFi - Web Logo

There is an increasing amount of apps in the Windows Phone Store which allow users to pin a “shortcut” to their start screen to allow quick access to WiFi settings on their device. But to do this their app must launch first before opening the settings page for WiFi. So we set out to make an app that not only allows easy launching of the WiFi settings but adds some functionality to the idea that users will find useful.

The majority of us connect to at least one wireless network, and most even share their home WiFi with friends and family when they visit. If you have a really long security passphrase/password on your network this can be annoying no matter how many taps it takes to get to the WiFi settings, so how do you make it eaiser? QR Codes. Android devices (and some iPhone apps) are able to read specially generated QR Codes to automatically connect to the wireless network the information is for, with Windows Phone there is no ability to automatically connect, but we do have the ability to launch the settings page. EziWiFi allows you to scan these QR Codes, display the information on screen so you can copy the passphrase/password, launch the WiFi settings page, select the network and paste the security passphrase/password when prompted. To generate these QR Codes, you can use either the EziWiFi app or the ZXing tool from Google.

To make accessing the QR Codes for wireless networks you have scanned or created, you can pin them to your start screen. Once pinned the tiles are live and will flip every now and then to display the QR code on the back of the tile. EziWif, although being a Windows Phone 7 app, does support wide tiles on devices running Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 so that you can arrange your start screen your way.

EziWiFi is a paid app which costs $0.99(AUD) and has a free trial that does not expire but instead shows ads. You can pick it up from the Windows Phone store here and you can see more information on the EziWiFi page here.

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