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Shopping at IKEA is pretty easy, walk around the show room and make a list of all the things you like. And that is great if you are there just to grab a couple of things that are easy to find, but what about when you are wanting to put a price list together for upgrading your bedroom/kitchen/lounge or any other room? All of a sudden you have a long unmanageable list (especially if you rely on the cards and pencil you get at the store).


My IKEA Lists aims to make this a lot easier by allowing you to create multiple lists to which you can add and remove items. The app will also show you how many items are on your list(s) and how much the total cost is, that way you have an idea of when you can do that bathroom renovation. When it comes time to purchase the items on your list, My IKEA Lists allows you to sort your list of items by name or by Aisle which makes it a lot easier (and quicker) to get what you want and to the check outs.


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