mtiks Dashboard for Windows 8

mtiks Dashboard Web Logo

For those developers who use mtiks to analyse and track usage of their mobile apps on the major platforms (Android, Blackberry, iOS and of course Windows Phone), we have today released mtiks Dashboard which allows the user to access and view a lot of the data currently available from the mtiks service.

Currently you can view all your apps, a summary of the latest usage data of each app, and a list of all the sessions data over the last week and month. In a future update we will be adding the ability to chose the date ranges for the week and month reporting, and we will also be adding statistics based on the last week and month to give the user a better idea on the usage of their apps.

mtiks Dashboard is available in the Windows Store here and costs $1.49 (AUD) and there is a 15 day trial which allows full use of the app for that time. You can download the app here see more information about the app here.

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