Major Update to WPDownUnder for Windows 8 Now Live

WPDU Win8 Update

Over the weekend some WPDownUnder readers will have noticed an update for the WPDownUnder Windows 8 app was available. This update brings with it a major re-design of the user interface of the app, some new features and several bug fixes. The update may or may not have also magically fixed the lack of articles being posted on WPDownUnder (Note: Sheeds has been very busy with the festive season, working and being a family man. He also welcomes community members to do guest posts).

This update as mentioned brings a major re-design of the user interface to make the app easier to use for devices with or without a touch screen. When viewing an article it now scrolls from left to right with the comments being at the end of the article, where you can of course still post and read comments.

Among the new features of the app you will find that the app now has a wide tile by default (swipe/right click on the tile and select ‘lager’ to enable this if you have already installed the app), tweets from the WPDownUnder account are now displayed in the app and tapping or clicking on them will display the tweet in you default browser. Viewing larger versions of images can now also be done in-app by double tapping/clicking on the image, allowing for a more seamless experience. Finally, the ability to view a list of Windows Phone apps mentioned in an article can be viewed with QR codes to quickly get the apps onto your phone.

As with any update this one addresses several bugs, the main one in this update being around you tube videos being displayed in articles. Embedded YouTube videos should now all be fixed and displaying in articles and can be viewed by double clicking/tapping on the video thumbnail which will open the YouTube page for that video in your default browser.

Of course there is still more in the pipeline for both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions of the WPDownUnder app, but the Windows Phone app is due for a update next and one new feature will be Windows Phone 7.8 & 8 tile support. So keep an eye out for this upcoming update, check out the full change log for this update here and get the update (or the app if you don’t have it already) here.

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